J&J Home Improvement has been providing expert vinyl siding design and installation services for years; we have seen every trend come, go, or become a staple in design. We are always looking out for the newest vinyl siding trends to stay ahead of the game and ensure that we are entirely stocked with siding materials that homeowners are looking for.

Follow along as we go over the most recent 2022 home siding trends we have been seeing and loving this year!


Installing siding with unique and interesting textures is a huge trend happening with homeowners this year. Having textured siding in specific areas highlights the home’s unique architectural features and brings character to your exterior. Whether you choose to side your entire home with textured siding or simply the dormers or trims for a focal point, the textured siding looks absolutely beautiful. Our personal favorite textured siding is the Shake and Shingle from trusted siding brand CertainTeed. We believe this trend is here to stay! 

Dark Accent Colors

Dark accents and trims are a huge trend in home siding in 2022, black specifically. Homeowners are loving the look of a lighter color siding with dark contrasting decorative trim. This gives your home a very dramatic look adding drama and dimension to your home. Contrasting siding and accents could be perfect to fit your home aesthetic. 

Vertical Siding

Vertical siding is a newer trend that is rising in popularity. Homeowners are switching from your regular horizontal vinyl siding pattern to switching them horizontally for a more fresh, modern look. Just like accent colors, you can choose to place your siding vertically around the entirety of your home or as a fun centerpiece for your dormers or entryway. Vertical siding is a fun way to take on a classic look. 

Color Trends

It seems as though the trending colors for home design change every year. Though white will always reign as the supreme and most popular color for home siding choice, there has been an uprise in popularity for both darker, deeper colors, including blacks and deep blues, and natural, outdoorsy colors such as deep greens and woods. Though this could change next year, we are loving the dark, earthy tones that homeowners are choosing. 

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