Innovation comes with evolution, which is happening in the world of window styles. Unlike in the past, varieties of window styles are in the market for homeowners. With the part it plays in architectural style and energy conservation, it is imperative to be careful when selecting one. There is a suitable option for every home window design. However, they differ in materials, costs, and installation.

Here is what you should know about window styles:

Factors to Consider When Choosing Windows

Although you have many options to select from, your buying decision should be based on essential characteristics. Beauty should not be the first thing you consider. If the main factors are missing, the window may not serve its purpose effectively. They include:

  • Energy Efficiency – A good window style must be able to prevent heat loss and be efficient for cooling when necessary
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Being expensive doesn’t always determine quality. However, materials differ in price, with vinyl frames being relatively cheap.
  • Architectural appearance – It is necessary to get a window style that matches your home window frame. Choosing an appropriate exterior window beautifies your home.

These three factors can give your home everything you want in a window style. Neglecting any component would imply you are settling for less.

Windows Styles You Should Know

  • Awning Windows – These are project windows suitable for almost every home. You can find it around the bathroom areas with textured glass to give you privacy. This style is ideal for any home that requires active opening and closing of the windows.


  • Picture Window – Another name for this style is fixed windows. They are suitable for broad areas that don’t require opening regularly. You can find them in homes with large openings and offices with expansive front views with no interruption.


  • Casement Windows – These are door-like windows that open through swinging. It is fitted to the extreme ends of the window frame on either side. A highly effective window style provides ventilation for every room, especially the bigger ones. Homeowners prefer to have above the kitchen sinks.


  • Sliding Windows – This window type requires a track to allow for easy movement of the window back and forth. This is the option that homeowners subscribe to if they have limited space in specific areas. It doesn’t require swinging or pulling; it moves straight to the left and to the right.


  • Single Hung Windows – This style doesn’t require interior or exterior space. It is suitable for newer architectural designs because it complements every room in a building. This sash design is highly energy-efficient, as it prevents air infiltration. It is a standard design with bottom and upper panels. One is movable while the other remains fixed.

  • Double-Hung Windows – is similar to the single hung, but you can freely move the top and bottom sash. It is ideal for any home design, given its versatility and easy maintenance feature. However, be ready to pay the price if you want this exquisite window style.


Many more window styles are available. Do your due diligence and ask questions when necessary to get what matches your budget and preference. J&J Home Improvement has an extensive selection of the highest quality window products in the industry by Harvey Windows and Doors and a team of expert installers. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form for more information regarding our window installation services!