If you haven’t had a storm door before, there are some things you may need to know before purchasing and installing one. A storm door is a door that is installed to protect your front door from weather. It can insulate your home and allow you to open your front door without getting bugs in your house. Storm doors have glass panels that can be switched out for screens in the warmer months. These doors usually consist of three separate layers to provide the ultimate protection to your entryway.

Why Would I Need a Storm Door?

There are many reasons to invest in a storm door if you have never had one before. Do you like to open your front door for some extra light? A storm door can allow you to do that even when it’s chilly outside! It’s a great addition to your home and can allow you to create a brighter space while still keeping the cold air outside. In New England, we have so many unexpected storms and a lot of ice during the winter. It’s best to protect your exterior door by adding a storm door to your entryway, especially if you don’t have an overhang or awning above the door.

Different Styles of Storm Doors

There are various styles of storm doors to choose from to go with any home or front door. Some let more light in than others. There are storm doors that are a complete panel of glass that let you see right through the entire door, and there are others that are only a quarter glass, and the rest is covered. It’s all about preference and what your needs are. J&J Home Improvement can go through options with you and help you choose the right one!

When Wouldn’t I Need a Storm Door?

The Department of Energy states that if your exterior door gets direct sunlight for over a few hours each day, you will benefit from not having a storm door. The glass on the storm door will cause heat to be trapped between the exterior door and the storm door. You also won’t need one if you have an awning or a covering above the exterior door in general. If you are unsure about needing a storm door, ask the professionals at J&J Home Improvement so they can discuss options with you!

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