Getting new siding is an excellent way to upgrade your home. New siding instantly boosts curb appeal while making the home’s interior more energy efficient, quiet, and comfortable. Your new siding should match your home and neighborhood for years to come. There are so many timeless siding colors to choose from, but these tips will make it a little easier for you to decide!

Architectural Style

Did you know that specific siding colors fit certain architectural styles better? It’s true! Deep, muted tones are preferred for traditional homes, while light, brighter tones are a better fit for a contemporary build. The architect that designed your home had a specific vision in mind. The home will look its best if your siding fits that architectural vision. 

Existing Color Scheme

An easy way to narrow down your choices of siding colors is to look at the existing color scheme of your home’s exterior. What color is the trim? What color is your front door? While those colors can be changed too, if you like what you have, use that as a starting point to choose a siding color!

You can also look at the existing color scheme of the entire neighborhood by walking around and looking at your neighbors’ houses. Certain neighborhoods only allow specific siding colors per HOA standards. If you live in an HOA area, get an updated list of approved colors before making a siding purchase.


Your climate doesn’t need to dictate the color of your siding, but it doesn’t hurt to keep the weather in mind. If you live in a hot, sunny climate, avoid darker colors for siding. Dark colors absorb heat from the sun, which may make it more challenging to cool the interior of your home effectively. Light green, blue, white, and grey tones are preferred for warmer-climate homes.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, you are the one who needs to love your new siding color choice. Don’t choose a color you don’t like just because you think it’s what your neighbors will like! Once you’ve come up with options you know you like, the other factors we discussed can come into play. Neutral tones are always recommended for homeowners who may consider selling in the future. If you go with a color that’s too bold because you love it, the future buyer may not love it as much.


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