Winter shows no mercy on homes, particularly the roof. Roofs take a beating during extreme weather, which winter is chock full of due to the bitter cold temperatures, snow, ice, and wind. 

So, let’s take a ride and see how to protect our roofs during the winter!

Roof maintenance is a year-round job. However, it’s crucial to concentrate on roof preservation throughout the cold-weather periods. Amidst the snowfall and chilling temps, the winter is the time of year your roof takes the most significant blow.

Today, we’re looking at seven ways you can maintain your roof during the winter to make sure it’s operating at peak performance.

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Eliminate The Snow From Your Roof ASAP

Sure, having snow sit on the roof looks picturesque; however, it may additionally wreak destruction if allowed to remain for too long.

In addition to ice, snow produces a substantial burden on the roof; this indicates that wherever it’s the roof is even a little bit jeopardized could end up suffering considerable damage.

When snow sits on a roof, it is exposed to any sunlight (and residual warmth from the house), which causes it to melt slightly. Then, when nightfall comes around, it re-freezes. This process forms what are known as ice dams. The ice dams block any water from reaching your gutters, causing a backup of ice and snow on the roof, and then a further weight burden accrues on the roof and can lead to damaged shingles and leaks. 

Repair Any Flashing

While performing winter roof maintenance, be sure to analyze any existing flashing. For example, “But we had a roofing company install it years ago; we’re fine!” Well, that may be true, but it could have grown warped or perhaps loosened since that time. If your home has faulty flashing, ice and snow can easily penetrate the roof, leading to a leak in your ceiling.

What About Wind Damage?

The wind is a strong force. Anyone who’s lived in a cold-weather state knows that wintertime produces strong gusts, which can wreak havoc on shingles. Should a strong storm come into the area, gusts may be as harmful as all forms of precipitation to a roof/shingles. 

That said, be sure to analyze your roof for any indications of wind damage and get any damage taken care of immediately. If you’re unsure what to look for, see if you notice any broken, missing, or damaged shingles. When homeowners leave those weak spots untreated, they will expose your house to leaks and assist as breeding areas for harmful types of mold, bacteria, and mildew. Therefore, reach out to our roof maintenance experts to check out your roof and make any necessary repairs so your roof is in tip-top shape.

We Raise The Roof On Home Maintenance

Before Old Man Winter slams us with snowfall, ice, and temperatures so cold we lose feeling in our faces, be sure to take measures to defend your roof now. 

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