Bridgewater, MA is a city located in Plymouth County, MA. With a college and plenty of residents, Bridgewater is a busy place to be! J&J Home Improvement is happy to provide services to those residing in Bridgewater and the surrounding area.

Siding Installation in Bridgewater, MA

If you are in need of new siding in Bridgewater, MA, you’re looking in the right place! J&J Home Improvement is here to provide you with the best siding installation in Plymouth County. Our professional siding installers have years of siding experience and are ready to take on your home or business. Choose from a variety of styles and colors from CertainTeed vinyl siding to make your home look its best and be able to withstand the New England weather. We want your house to look modern, clean, and fresh! Count on J&J for all of your siding needs.

Roofing Installation in Bridgewater, MA

When you need a new roof, we are the roofing installers you should call! J&J Home Improvement is a proud CertainTeed roofing contractor and we are equipped to make your roof as safe as we can. Our roofs are long-lasting and durable for years to come. Just like siding, there are styles and colors of roof shingles that you are able to choose from. Make every aspect of your home’s exterior unique! If you need help choosing, our professionals are here to help.

Window Replacement in Bridgewater, MA

Windows are the eyes into your home. Don’t you want them to look their best? Luckily, J&J can provide you with premier window replacement services in Bridgewater, MA. Our window professionals will size your windows and find the perfect fit for you. New windows can brighten up your home and save you some money on energy costs. It is worth it! Choose from windows by Harvey Industries and PRISM by Simonton to pick your perfect set of windows.

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