Planning Your Next Exterior Home Project

Embarking on an exterior home project is always exciting but can also be intimidating. Planning is the key to a successful exterior home project, whether you’re looking to improve curb appeal, enhance your outdoor living space, or get caught up on regular repairs. Use these simple tips to make the planning process a breeze and make the exterior of your home look better than ever before! 

Define Your Project Goals

Before starting any home project, take the time to clearly define your goals and priorities. Are you looking to enhance your home’s aesthetics, increase energy efficiency, or boost resale value? Understanding your objectives will help you make informed decisions throughout the planning process so you can choose the right project to fit your budget and goals. Thorough planning also keeps the project moving smoothly and helps prevent unnecessary delays and unexpected expenses.

Assess Your Home’s Exterior

Before you start pouring money into the project of your dreams, you should inspect the exterior of your home. Take note of any signs of wear or obvious areas that need to be repaired. The roof, siding, gutters, and windows are key areas to inspect, or you can hire a professional to perform the inspection with their better-trained eye. Once you’ve found all the necessary repairs, try to look at the exterior of your home with an unbiased eye to identify what will make the biggest impact. Is your landscaping lacking compared to the neighbors? Do you need more outdoor seating to entertain guests? The possibilities are endless!

Gather Inspiration

With your goals and resources in mind, it’s time to research and gather inspiration for your project. Browse home improvement websites, magazines, and social media platforms to explore different design styles, materials, and trends. Pay attention to architectural details, color schemes, and landscaping ideas that stand out to you. Take note of any features or elements that you’d like to incorporate into your own project, and then it’s time to meet with a professional! The more inspiration you have going into the project, the better the contractors and landscapers can bring your vision to life. Some basic projects can be done as DIY jobs, but larger projects will run much more smoothly and have better results with the help of a licensed, insured, and experienced professional.  Another important thing to remember about exterior home projects is that you don’t have to complete them all at once. It’s okay to break your exterior renovation into several smaller projects as your budget and schedule allow. Contact J&J Home Improvement to schedule your home consultation with an experienced contractor who can transform the exterior of your home from outdated and boring to the best in the neighborhood! We provide expert roofing, siding, deck installation, and more. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form.