Roof shape has two essential elements to your home; functionality and aesthetic. First and foremost, your roof has to provide protection. The wrong shape roof or the wrong material can lead to leaks or even a cave-in under the pressure of snow and ice during the winter. Additionally, the shape of the roof can make your home stand out or have a unique aesthetic look. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular roof styles for homes. 

Gable Roof Design 

A gable roof is one of the most common designs you will see, especially in areas where there is snowfall. Gabled roofs are made of two side panels that meet at a point. The angle of this point is a proper 90-degree angle. This steep slope on either side allows snow and ice to fall off the roof quickly. The triangular shape is especially sturdy and is seen throughout architecture because of its durability. There are many different ways to use a gable roof design to give it slight variations in aesthetics. 

Flat Roof Design

You might guess that from the name, a flat roof is simply a roof that is flat. However, that is actually not true. While a flat roof is designed to look like a home has a flat top, they are pitched slightly so water will flow to one side. Flat roofs are often found in cities and packed areas. This is for a few reasons, Flat roofs are very durable (provided there isn’t a lot of snowfall), and flat roofs allow air conditioning systems to be installed right into the roof, which means more square footage. If you live in an area where the square footage of a property is very small, that extra space can be invaluable. 

Butterfly Roof Design

If you are looking for something more unique, a butterfly roof design is somewhat inverse compared to most roof designs. Instead of pointing up in the middle of your home, there is a concave point towards the middle. It is a rare roof to see in climates that have snow or heavy rainfall as it doesn’t remove rain or snow easily compared to other roof designs.

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