Some homeowners may be discouraged from pursuing renovations because they are preoccupied with the financial implications. A well-maintained asphalt roof has a longer life, is more valuable to potential buyers, and improves the curb appeal of a property.

In this article, we consider some upgrades when it’s time to replace your roof, and you’ll end up with a more beautiful, functional, and sturdy home.

Replace Your Shingles with A Newer Model

Although shingles have existed for over a decade and have been used to protect houses from the elements, they have undergone significant development in recent years.

Shingle roofs come in a diverse range of colors and textures; it’s easy for homeowners to pick a design that complements their taste and the outside of their house. Whether you decide to improve your shingle depends on your preferences and finances.

Roof Flashing Upgrades

Those who have had their roofs damaged by ice dams might consider spending a little more money during a roof replacement to have roof flashing installed. 

Before shingles are placed, these asphalt layers are set to a depth of 2 feet within the outside wall plane using a peel-and-stick application method. 

Installing a watertight covering on the soffit of the roof, which is the top area where snow and ice are most likely to accumulate, is the most effective technique to prevent the accumulation of snow and ice on the roof.

Improved Roof Ventilation

A well-ventilated attic or roof vent ensures that your house can exhale comfortably. Both methods effectively remove excess heat and moisture from the air, but the roof vents look different. 

Due to the lack of air circulation, attics may easily reach temperatures of 140 degrees or more in the summer.

Ensure the roofing contractor adds loft ventilation across the top of your roof to help keep the attic and the rest of the house cooler. Saving money on air conditioning costs by keeping your attic cooler is a win in the summer.

Energy-Efficient Fireplace Cap

Your home’s fireplace significantly contributes to the loss and gain of heat throughout the house. In most cases, fireplace caps are an efficient means of avoiding both water damage and the entry of animals.

To save on heating and cooling costs, replace your old, inefficient fireplace cap with a new one when you replace your roof. A qualified contractor can fit a new, sealed fireplace cap at the same time they are working on the top.

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