Are you looking for the perfect spot to relax and spend your warm days on? A deck is the perfect addition to your backyard. If you have your deck ready to go, there are some things to take a look at before plopping down in that yard chair. Here are some ways to get your deck ready for another season of use:

Check the Stability of the Deck

There are many pieces that keep everything together and have you deck in one piece. This can be the nails that keep all of the wood planks together, metal pieces, the handrails, and screws. The first step you should take to get your deck ready for the spring is to test your ability to walk on it. Through seasons of regular use, the connections will become worn out and end up loose.

Finding Signs of Damage

Decks are usually made out of wood or a wood-like material. During a harsh winter, wood can rot, expand, or break. It’s important to address these issues before it’s too late and your deck is damaged for good. Fix up any areas that don’t look right. Watch out for soft spots in the wood because if you step on it, you might go right through. If you feel as if your deck is not up to code, have a deck professional check it out.

Clean Your Deck

After you are done assessing any damage to your deck, it’s time to clean it up. Consider user a pressure washer or a hose, depending on how much dirt and grime has settled into the wood. Cleaning it now will save you time later. You want your deck looking its best for any guests and visitors to your yard. That, and your feet will be clean after hanging out barefoot on a spring morning.

Add On Some Stain

Adding a protective layer of stain over your deck should be last on your list of things to do to get it ready for spring. If the wood is already stained, you can add more coats of that same color stain to keep it looking fresh and new. A great benefit of wood is that it can be stained over with other colors, so if you want to change it up, you can choose a new color and apply it over the existing one. Decks are very versatile when they’re made of wood.

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