The suburban town of Randolph is located in Norfolk County, just 17 miles south of Boston. The location is prime where its residents are able to enjoy the “small town”, peaceful feeling while having plenty of opportunities and public transportation options to get you to Boston to the north or the ocean to the east! Randolph takes great pride in its diversity and inclusion. 

In Randolph, there are over 11,500 households. These homeowners need a home improvement company they can rely on and trust. That is why J&J is proud to provide all of our home improvement services to the residents of Randolph. Our home base is located only 20 minutes away in West Bridgewater!

Vinyl Siding Installation Services in Randolph, MA

Our expert team of licensed contractors has over 20 years of experience in vinyl siding installation. Vinyl siding is one of the best things you can have done for your home. It is so durable that it will last you at least 50 years! During those 50 years, it will be practically maintenance-free; you will never have to repaint or worry about scratching or peeling. We carry state-of-the-art vinyl siding options from CertainTeed, a proven name in the industry. 

Roofing Services in Randolph, MA

Your roof is an integral part of your home, and any problems that arise should be addressed immediately. If you need professional roofing services in Randolph, make sure to call J&J Home Improvement! Our contractors will perform a professional, in-depth inspection on top of your roof to determine a diagnosis. Once you find the perfect look from our CertainTeed roofing options, we will complete renovations on your roof and exceed your expectations. 

Window Replacement Services in Randolph, MA

Replacing the old windows of your home will increase the light coming through and increase the value of your home! While increasing your home’s value, you will be simultaneously decreasing your monthly heating and cooling costs. We have an extensive selection of brands and window types available to ensure you can find the perfect windows for your home. 

J&J Home Improvement

J&J has been providing our home improvement services to the residents of Randolph for over two decades. Whether you are looking to install vinyl siding, roofing, or new windows, our licensed contractors are ready to get the job done to the highest standard. For more information or to receive a free consultation, give us a call today or fill out our online contact form!