One of the first things people notice when visiting or passing by your home is its exterior. The exterior of your home says a lot about the quality and maintenance of the house. It includes everything from the roof and lights to windows and color. 

The siding of your home has two essential functions. Firstly, it protects your home from the elements of nature, and secondly, it gives it an aesthetic appearance. When your sliding begins to rot and break down, it loses its ability to carry out these functions. 

Here are some  signs indicating that your house needs new siding and that a specialist roofer should be contacted:

Bubbles and blisters

One of the most common signs that the sliding liner needs to be replaced is the formation of blisters and bubbles. These phenomena occur when the coating comes in contact with extreme heat and humidity during the summer. The affected area can be easily replaced with new panels.

Premature peeling and cracking of the paint

Sometimes your house is freshly painted, but the paint does not adhere to the surface. As a result, the paint begins to flake and crack. This is a sign that the coating has been damaged and has started to chip and crack.

High electricity bills

A common sign of poor siding is rising utility bills. When your siding is in this poor condition, the heating and cooling will escape. This also happens due to poor insulation.  Replacing the siding locks heating and cooling inside and keeps utility bills low.

Mold development

We have seen how siding can protect your home from environmental elements. However, if damaged, it can also allow moisture to sneak into your home. This moisture from the outside gives rise to mold. Not only does mold affect the structure of the house, but it is also dangerous for human health. When you notice this mold, repair and insulation work is needed.

Fading color

As soon as you notice that the color of your siding is fading, it is a clear sign that it has had its day and that it is time to replace it. 

Higher resale value

If you plan to resell your home, it needs to be in perfect condition to attract a higher market valuation. Installing vinyl siding goes a long way in boosting the value of your home. 


The above tips will help you decide when to replace your home siding. If you’re worried about your home’s siding, you’ve come to the right place. When maintaining your home, never compromise on quality and always look for the best in-home repair and renovation professionals. The team at J&J Home Improvement can help with these services. Our technicians are vinyl siding maintenance and installation experts! Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form for more information.