You may have heard the roof being referred to as the umbrella of a house. Did you ever pause to think about what it actually means? The roof is essentially the protective cover of a house that shelters what’s on the inside from the elements. However, many people often forget about roof maintenance and so a lot of time will pass before a homeowner actually checks on the condition of their roof. Spring is a good time to check on your roof, after the winter has done its damage and it’s time to repair any issue that compromises the function of your roof.  Here are a few spring maintenance tips that you can adapt to help keep your roof in shape.

Get Your Roof Inspected 

It is recommended by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) that homeowners get their roofs professionally inspected at least two times annually. This should be done once in the spring and one in the summer. You want to know what damage the sun, winter weather and summer storms have caused to your roof. Some things to assess include gutters, flashing, shingles and signs of protrusions, all of which can reveal much about the health of your roof. Signs of wear can mean that repairs are needed, and depending on the type of damage present, you may need a roof replacement. For the damage that you can prevent from getting worse, hire a licensed roof contractor to tackle the job before it escalates into something that could prove costly.

Try and Keep Roofing Clean

Whether it’s snow, rain, wind or hail, these weather conditions cause debris to fall on your roof and make their way into your gutters. From leaves to seed, these debris can cause an obstruction, and if allowed to accumulate, can impact the proper roof health, by trapping water on your roof and shortening its lifespan. Spring is the time to trim overgrown trees that can block drainage, limiting water damage to your foundation. Unclog blocked gutters and if algae and mold are present during an inspection, rather than doing a DIY job, get professionals to clean your roof and prevent the growth of either. 

Allow Your Home to Ventilate Properly

You may not think that your home needs to breathe in order to not affect your roof, but something as simple as inadequate ventilation could impact your roof. If you want to keep mold and ice damming at bay provide your home with sufficient ventilation to limit moisture buildup. If moisture reaches your attic where it condenses, your roof can become compromised. Your attic should have roughly 1 square-foot of ventilation per 300 square-feet of attic space as recommended by the Federal Housing Administration. Unfortunately, many homes do not abide by this standard. It’s a good idea to check your attic’s interior, along with your vents to spot any signs of air restriction and moisture buildup. Ensure that leaves and other debris isn’t trapped in your intake vent and exhaust. 

Get Roofing Insurance

While it’s good to keep up with adequate roof maintenance to limit the deterioration of your roof, insurance coverage can go a long way to provide cover for roof damage. Consider getting roof damage covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy, which could help greatly if disaster struck and you need to make expensive repairs or get a new roof. Homeowners insurance doesn’t automatically cover roof damage, so double check what’s covered under your policy. Don’t leave room for regret later on if a major roofing issue develops that you cannot put off or avoid.

Make Certain Your Warranty is Solid

Roof repair or replacement can be expensive and it helps to have the right kind of coverage to offset these expenses. Be aware of what’s covered under your roof warranty and the length of the coverage. Typical roofing warranties include the manufacturer’s warranty or shingle warranty, which often covers 20 to 50 years. A lifetime Having solid roof warranty can minimize feelings of anxiety about cost if you need to fix your damaged roof. A “lifetime” roof warranty usually lasts only 20- 30 years, but some roofing companies extend roof warranty up to 50 years, that  sometimes can be transferable and non-prorated.

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To ensure that your roof is in tip-top shape for spring, don’t neglect to carry out important maintenance measures. From getting a roof inspection to securing a solid roofing warranty, you should limit the chance of your roof deteriorating before it reaches its lifespan and also have proper coverage to tackle damages. For your every roofing need, J&J Home Improvement can help you with your roof repair or replacement job. With top-notch professionals that you can depend on for quality service, J&J will have your roof ready for the springtime, and give you peace of mind that your roof will provide you protection for many years to come.