Summer is time for the beach, cookouts, pool time, and relaxation. What else is summer the perfect time for? Home improvements around your home! With the nice weather finally here, it is easy to get these updates and renovations done. Check out this blog to see what renovations you can get done around your home this summer!

Update Your Curb Appeal

A cool summer day is a perfect time to throw on a sunhat and get working on your landscape. This can be super simple by adding new plants and flowers to your walkway. You could also go a little further into it by resealing your driveway if needed or repaint the garage door that has been needing it for years. You will enjoy your summer so much more when you pull into your gorgeously manicured lawn and home.

Replace Your Siding

Replacing your siding is a job for the pros (like the team at J&J), but summer is the perfect time to tackle this project. If you noticed that your old vinyl siding had developed any rot, mold, or mildew, it is definitely time to get it replaced. New siding will not only look great; it will save your home from the elements outside and also increase the value of your home. Due to the nice, warm weather, summertime is the best time to replace your siding.

Replace Your Roof

Summer is the best season to replace your roof because of the harsh weather that the fall, winter, and spring can bring. Sunlight and warmth are actually necessary during the roofing process. Like replacing siding, this is a project for the roofing experts, not a do it yourself. Roofs tend to last about 20 years, so if that time mark is coming up this summer, it is definitely the right time to get it replaced by the expert roofers at J&J Home Improvement.

Replace Your Windows

Summertime is the perfect time to replace your windows so you are able to soak up all of the natural light possible in your home this season. Window replacements are also one of the best investments you can make on your home. You are increasing your home’s value while also lowering your heating and air conditioning costs with new, solid windows that are not allowing air in or out.

J&J Home Improvement

The best thing you can do for your home this summer is call the professionals at J&J Home Improvement for any of your upcoming projects. We are well versed in everything from siding and roofing to decks and windows. To make your home improvement dreams come true, call J&J today or fill out our free online estimate form!