The siding on your home plays a major role in how your home looks and how it feels. There are a variety of siding materials on the market that homeowners can choose from. Vinyl is by far the most popular type of siding in 2022. Check out all the significant advantages of vinyl to learn why it’s so popular!

Easy to Maintain

Vinyl siding requires no actual maintenance. Experts recommend cleaning it once a year, but that’s it. Yes, it’s that easy!

Other types of siding require regular maintenance, which is an added expense and an inconvenience. The set it and forget it maintenance of vinyl is too good to pass up.

Affordable to Purchase and Install

Vinyl siding is the most affordable option on the market. Not only is the siding itself affordable, but so is the installation! Vinyl installation is a quick and easy process for contractors. Other sidings, like wood, require special expertise, tools, and much more labor time. Choosing vinyl will keep costs low in every way.

Durable Design

The siding on your home is exposed to harsh weather conditions for years at a time. Vinyl is extremely durable to stand up against high winds, storms, and extreme temperatures. If damage does occur to vinyl siding, it’s easy to repair.

Even the color of vinyl siding is durable. You won’t be left with cracking, peeling paint after a harsh winter. Your siding will look good as new year after year!

Curb Appeal

Vinyl siding improves the curb appeal of any home. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and textures to achieve the exact look you want. No matter what you choose, it will look great from the street!

Improving the curb appeal of your home is especially important if you have plans to sell in the future. It’s been proven that homes with good curb appeal sell faster and at a higher price than homes with a rundown exterior. 

Excellent curb appeal is also essential for homeowners who want to be proud to call their house a home. You should be happy to see your home at the end of the day, and that starts with a nice exterior!

Energy Efficiency 

Vinyl siding acts as another layer of insulation between the interior of your home and outside weather. New vinyl installation will decrease drafts and improve your home’s energy efficiency. With vinyl siding, your HVAC system will have to run less often for shorter periods. That means lower energy bills too!

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