As time passes, roofs often age. The primary job of your roof is to protect your house from harsh sunlight, rainfall, or even storms. As time goes on, these elements will damage and weaken your roof. The result could be leaky or loose roofing tiles.

However, with some maintenance, you can help your roof last longer and serve you better. Maintenance is essential as it would save you the potential cost of early replacements. Here are some tips to extend the lifespan of your roof:

  • Keep your gutters clean

Gutters are designed to collect all the drops of water from rainfall. They lead the collected water away from the foundation of your home. They also prevent water from pooling on the roof. However, if your gutters are clogged, water could begin to seep into your home or weaken its foundation. So, it is best to clean out your roof gutters frequently.

  • Repair damaged roofing on time

Sometimes, heavy storms can shift or loosen your roof tiles. As soon as you observe any damage, be sure to get it fixed. If you don’t fix your damaged roof on time, it could worsen. For instance, holes in your roof could encourage pests to enter your home and damage your belongings. 

  • Clear off debris and moss from your roof

Branches and leaves are often carried to rooftops from time to time. These objects are dangerous because the moisture they generate can allow moss to grow on your roof. It will also make your home look untidy. On the other hand, keeping your roof clear can help it last longer.

  • Have your roof inspected annually

It’s not always easy to spot damage or blockages on your roof. This is why it is crucial to schedule occasional inspections with professionals. This way, you can maintain your roof and stay ahead of potential damages.


It goes without saying that if your roof is made of poor materials, it will not last long. So, you must ensure that you purchase durable materials when installing your roof. In addition, if your roof is poorly installed, its lifespan could be lessened.


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