As the year gradually comes to an end, most homeowners are eager to try out new design trends for 2023. But before you rush into the new year with hopes of experimenting with new trends, it’s advisable to pause and take stock of what was trending in 2022. After all, some of these trends will continue to set the pace for 2023. Without further delay, here are the major exterior home designs that rocked 2022!

Prominent Windows

Large windows and airy spaces are one of the biggest trends of 2022. Homeowners are also opting for natural light spaces; this has increased the demand for large panoramic windows and glass doors that can provide/increase natural lighting. 

Rise of Dark Tones

Dark tones are making waves in 2022, whether in accents, sidings, windows, or bricks. This is a refreshing development in exterior design. Using various shades of black in your exterior design gives a modern feel to any house, and it’s the perfect way to renovate a tiring old house exterior.

Proper Outdoor Spaces

Due to the lengthy lockdown of 2020 and 2021, outdoor spaces have become the trend in 2022. It’s not enough to have an outdoor space these days. Most people are seriously considering designing and making them usable throughout the seasons. 

Homeowners have found a way to perfectly integrate indoor and outdoor spaces by incorporating features like large glass doors and windows, grills, kitchens, private lounges, rooftop patios, and covered deck spaces that accommodate different activities.

Minimalistic Designs

The minimalist exterior design was one of the biggest trends in 2022. This design focuses on achieving a simple and sleek exterior without excessive decorative elements, loud colors, unnecessary details, and elegant finishes. 

Focus on Recycling and Sustainability

Sustainability and recycling have come to the forefront of architectural designs in 2022. Although this trend has been around for a while, more people are beginning to embrace it, and the trend will continue to shape home exterior designs in 2023. Homeowners are now choosing sustainable, low-maintenance, quality, and durable materials over cheap ones. 

There is also high demand for recyclable products/materials for home designs. In an effort to go green, homeowners are opting for solar panels, using recycled wood and old materials for outdoor use space, etc.

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