It’s a good idea to get your roof replaced before the big winter storms settle in! Massachusetts has the most unpredictable weather, so who knows if we will get snow in October or none until January? You need to be prepared! After a long summer of hot weather and rainstorms, now is the time to make your roof more reliable and sturdy. Have out roof professionals help you out! Here are some great reasons to consider a roof replacement this Fall:

Brittle Shingles and Weather Conditions

The mornings and nights are getting cooler, which can mean your roof’s shingles may become brittle during the installation process. Brittle shingles can be hard to work with when roof installers are replacing them. They can crack when they are being put into place. Instead of using a gun, they would have to nail them in by hand. That makes it a lot harder and will take a lot longer as well. Along with warmer weather being ideal for not breaking shingles, it also benefits the roofers. No one wants to be on a roof in 80-degree heat, so the cooler temps are perfect for roofing. 

Save Money This Winter

Having newly installed shingles on your roof will save you some money on heating your home this winter. Energy-efficient shingles are the right way to go! When you are redoing your roof, it’s a smart idea to take this time to make sure your attic is properly insulated. This can help your roof keep out the cold air from your house even more. Along with keeping the cold air out, you’ll also keep the snow out! If you have any leaky spots in your roof, the snow can cause it to collapse. That will be a whole other issue! Ensure your roof is safe enough to get you through this upcoming winter and many future winters to come.

Creating an Air-Tight Seal on Your Roof

When roofers install new shingles, the shingles need some time to create a seal and form an airtight barrier and be able to protect your home against winter weather. The nicer weather will help the sealant do its work before the cold air doesn’t let the sealant settle. This way, your roof will be more effective this winter! You want your shingles to last you for many years.

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