Located just over 30 miles south of Boston, Mansfield is a bustling community with residents ranging from young families, to established residents that have lived in the area for decades. The town boasts of numerous houses of all sizes from apartments, to condos, to full-scale houses. The need for home improvement is greater than ever between needing a small tweak in aesthetic, or a simple replacement of a part of the house in order to live more comfortably in adverse weather conditions. J & J Home Improvement can provide residents of Mansfield Massachusetts with the improvements they need to add value and style to their homes.

Vinyl Siding Installation in Mansfield, MA

Installing vinyl siding onto homes is our company’s bread and butter. We use vinyl from top-of-the-line brands such as CertainTeed in a multitude of colors for added aesthetic and overall durability to the siding of your home. By inspecting your home carefully before making the proper recommendations, J & J Home Improvement ensures that detail is highly prioritized before getting to work on our next project.

Roofing Installation in Mansfield, MA

No roofing installation project is too tall of a task for our team of professionals. We understand that roofs are one of the most important parts of living space, from providing a complementary aesthetic to the house itself, to protecting residents from adverse weather conditions that a region such as New England is known for. After all, a fully functioning roof is an essential part of the foundation of a great house.

Window Replacement in Mansfield, MA

Did you know that replacing windows can add immediate value to your home and contribute to the reduction of energy bills? Whether you need to replace that recently broken-down window or just want an update on your home’s aesthetic, our company provides high-quality window replacement services that are timely and efficient that will leave you satisfied. Between Harvey systems and PRISMs, we work with some of the finest brands in the industry.

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