A large and thriving town consisting of both residential legends such as the great Wendell’s Wings, or established educational hubs such as Wheaton College, Norton is a large town that consists of a wide age demographic. You can meet residents that have lived in town for years or are just moving in, whether to start college or even a brand new family! Homes are regularly in need of improvement or fixing. J & J Home Improvement can provide you with the services needed to add a new style and more durability to your home with our vinyl siding installation services and more. Contact us today!

Vinyl Siding Installation in Norton, MA

Siding is one of the most important factors helping build value for your home. When it comes to installing vinyl, our company uses material from some of the most well-established brands in the industry. With CertainTeed vinyl, you’ll have a vast selection to choose from to add to your home’s aesthetic. From color to shape, there are a wide variety of options to choose from that we know will fit with your home’s image. Our team will carefully pay attention to every detail so that when we’re done with the installation process, the siding of your home will be built to look great and last a long time.

Roofing Installation in Norton, MA

We can’t take away from the fact that the roof is arguably one of the most important parts of your home. Our experts take the roofing installation process just as seriously as any other installation project. As a CertainTeed contractor, we help install some of the most durable and stable roofs in the state, making it easier for your home to shield itself from unpredictable New England weather conditions.

Window Replacement in Norton, MA

J & J Home Improvement provides premier window replacement and installation services for those looking to improve upon a significant part of a home’s aesthetic and structure. We’ll thoroughly inspect the framework and the windows we’re replacing before getting to work on giving you windows that are as good as new.

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Whether you need your deck fixed or brand new vinyl siding, J & J Home Improvement will be sure to come in and do a job that truly does improve the quality of your home. You won’t be disappointed with what we can do to improve your home. Contact us today at (508) 436-6374